Done Being Single

Making The Case For Dating Age-Appropriate Women

December 12, 2019

Hitting midlife is no laughing matter, but it is on this episode of Done Being Single! Allison Cane & Jillian Franklyn, hosts of the hilarious YouTube show “Pretty Over,” are laughing about all things post-50: sex and menopause, aging gracefully (or trying to), hormones (they love them), relationships, and dating age-appropriate people. As Frank & Alli say, there’s nothing sexier than a man who dates a woman his own age! Most of all, they laugh at themselves, because that’s really all you can do. For sheer laughs, honesty, candor, and the truth about what being over 50 can feel and look like, take a listen to these ladies. They’re sexy, sassy, smart, inspirational, aspirational, and hot all over. They make their own rules and tell it like it is. in other words, they’re exactly the kind of women you want to be (or date) in midlife!