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Look For A Spouse Like You Would A House

Look For A Spouse Like You Would A House

July 28, 2020

Who knew dating and real estate had so much in common! Whether it's a looking for a spouse or buying/selling a house, you need to assess the property, stage it properly, be ready to show, make the necessary repairs, and know the worth. The same rules apply for picking the right partner. In fact, there are 99 rules to be exact. 


Not only a funny episode, you'll learn a lot about real estate at the same time! With top-selling real estate agent, Brian Belefant, author of the new book "Spouse Hunting: Using The Rules Of Real Estate To Find The Love Of Your Life"



Brian Belefant began his career in Hollywood where he quickly rose in the production ranks as a top director shooting hundreds television commercials for household name brands, and dozens of award-winning art films. Realizing he was looking at a major life change when his child was born with special needs, he relocated to Portland, OR and became one of the top-selling real estate agents in the Pacific Northwest. Following an unexpected divorce, he wondered if he could use the set of 99 Rules of Real Estate he’d developed to re-enter the dating world with the goal of finding a new spouse. As luck would have it, he could – and now readers everywhere can do the same.


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How To Love With Sobriety

How To Love With Sobriety

July 6, 2020

If you're dating or in a relationship with someone who's sober, what do you need to know? Does loving a sober person require special protocols or understanding? What are the perils? How can you be a better partner to someone who's sober? How do you protect yourself? 

Answering all your questions about loving with sobriety is Dr. Robert Navarra, PsyD, LMFT, MAC, and Certified Gottman Therapist & Master Trainer in addiction recovery.

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