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Things Your GF/BF Will Never Tell You

Things Your GF/BF Will Never Tell You

February 28, 2019

What does your girlfriend or boyfriend, date or partner, secretly like, want, and need? What little gestures do they love, but will never tell you? For those of you who can't read minds, we've got the next best thing: dating and relationship expert Marni Battista. True or false, fact or fiction, Marni's going to confirm or refute what GFs and BFs are thinking, and the secrets they want you to know.

Don’t ScrewUp Your RelationshipGoals

Don’t ScrewUp Your RelationshipGoals

February 21, 2019

Everyday w see #RelationshipGoals on social media, with happy, loving couples, smiling, laughing, and enjoying life. It looks so easy, but it's also easy to screw it all up. Avoiding communication, taking partners for granted, settling, and phoning it in, are just a few ways we #ScrewUp our relationships. David Steele, MFT and founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute joins us with practical tools and best practices to achieve and preserve your #RelationshipGoals.

Forget New Year’s Resolutions, Make Valentine’s Resolutions

Forget New Year’s Resolutions, Make Valentine’s Resolutions

February 14, 2019

We make New Year's resolutions to improve our we live, why not make Valentine's resolutions to improve how we love? If you're a couple, resolve to be a better partner, or to work harder at your relationship. If you're single, resolve to be happier by yourself, or less stigmatized by your single status. By next Valentine's Day 2020, resolve to feel love, have love, and be loved, regardless of your relationship status. Helping you make resolutions, set goals and intentions, is renown psychotherapist and love expert, Ken Page LCSW.

We Got Your Valentine’s Day Ideas Right Here!

We Got Your Valentine’s Day Ideas Right Here!

February 7, 2019

From flowers and designer chocolate to romantic getaways, from jewelry and sex toys, to candlelight dinners, from great wine suggestions to suggestions on sealing the deal, we've got what you need to create the hottest, sexiest, most romantic Valentine's Day yet!

Tune in for ideas and inspiration from the Peninsula Hotels, Bordeaux Wine Shop, Compartes Chocolate, Pro Travel, Lizzy Shaw Studios, Chivalry Flowers, and sensual products from Warm, Inc.

If this episode doesn't get you laid, nothing will!

Special Thanks to all of our Amazing Guests:

Bob Cranston Bordeaux Wine Shop

Jonathan Grahm Compartes Chocolatier

Hannah An The District by Hannah An

Lizzy Shaw Lizzy Shaw Studios

Janine WARM, Inc.

Frank Parr The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Pamela Appleby ProTravel

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